Here at the southwest corner of Main and Vine, you can see Veterans Memorial Park, the Kirk Hotel, and the place where the original ticket booth for the Tooele Valley Railroad once stood.

Seek On, Marvin Hitesman, 2020, bronze

While you are at the park stop and view the newest addition, Seek On.

The description for the statue provided by Marvin Hitesman is:

“Silent hunters speeding through the hungle to “tag” the elusive enemy as if they were following a trail of bloody footprints. These were the combat tracker teams of the US Army in Vietnam. They were the inheritors of the best of British anti-terrorist veteran’s knowledge. These young American volunteers became the answer to “Where did the enemy go?” The NVA and VC were thought to disappear into the terrain. Five men and one labarador retriever were the answer to turn the shadows into targets, obtain critical intelligence, and retrieve captured “friendlies”. Once their tours of duty finished, they returned to a very ungrateful public, their records wrapped in red-tape, and sequestered from one another. The combat tracker teams were the unique solution to asymmetric war issue – how to find and fix the enemy no matter where they thought to hide”.

Tooele Army Depot ca. 1963, Utah State Historical Society Digital Collection
Smelter Workers on Tooele Valley Railway, Tooele Valley Museum Collection